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Hurley School of Motoring: phone 01646 694364 or 07816669128 or email

Show me or demonstrate:

S: Test the foot brake?  This actually refers to testing the brake servo which is on all modern cars but not on all cars.

A: Pump the brake pedal until the pedal goes hard.  Start the engine and if the pedal goes down a little the foot brake is working properly.

This test only checks the condition of the servo and not the condition of the overall braking system.

S: Test the handbrake.

A: Put your foot on the foot brake and keep it there to make sure that the car does not move and take the handbrake off.  Then reapply the handbrake.  Only when the hand brake is properly on can you take your foot off the foot brake.

S: Show me how to adjust the head restraint.

A: Demonstrate how you can lift and lower the head restraint when the button is pushed in and tell the examiner that your eyes must be level with the centre height of the head restraint or if it is as low as it will go then below or at central height.

S: test the power assisted steering.

A: Make sure that the engine is on and just move the steering a little to make sure that the car is supplying power to it.

S: Open the bonnet.

A: This is different in different cars so you will have to know how to do this with the car that you use for your test.  There is usually a bonnet pull in the car under the dashboard and a catch between the bonnet and the slam plate.  After opening the bonnet make sure that the bonnet prop is located safely and properly before answering questions about the engine and when you close the bonnet make sure that it’s shut properly so the wind can’t catch it when the car is moving.


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