I have had many years of experience teaching all sorts of different people how to drive.  People just like you.  Over the years I have seen all the different types of mistakes people make and understand the misconceptions they have and acquire.

Whether you are a beginner or have driving experience I know how to get you to test standard and beyond.  

I don’t ask awkward questions when your busy and need the answers.  I give support so you know what to do next and I only ask the questions at times when they won’t undermine your confidence and self-belief.

Book now, just phone: 01646 694364 or 07816669128 or email: peter@hurleyschoolofmotoring.co.uk .

To find lots of useful stuff on how to get through your driving test and to drive well; plus some really interesting stuff.  Just look through website and enjoy.  

Experience gives me the ability

to guide you through passing your

driving test and to achieve safe

and relaxed driving for life.

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