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Richard Trevithick  made the first automobile in Cornwall in the 1790’s; he used the second cylinder that Watt had added to the steam engine and high pressure steam together with a valve-gear he designed so the car could run automatically without a lever being pulled back and fore.  In 1804 he built the first automatic steam locomotive that actually worked.    

The steam cars may not have been as famous as the steam railway locomotives of the nineteenth century, but they were used extensively.

The first car to exceed 60 mph was a battery electric in 1899.

Petrol Cars

In 1886 Karl Benz patented a motor car with a petrol engine, and started the Mercedes Benz car company which makes cars to this day.

Although BMW does not aim their quality range of cars at a price most people can afford they are developing the next generation of cars.  They are removing the valve gear that was thought of by Thomas Newcomen over 300 years ago and replacing it with an electronically operated solenoid.  Also they are replacing the alternator with a TEG in the exhaust system.  These advances should make their cars more powerful and fuel efficient.

Brief Prehistory of the Car Continued